About DSI

Our Vision: To become a world-class civil UAV solution provider

UAVs have the ability to transmit data at close range and high resolution which satellites do not have.
Our drones are used in remote sensing, intelligence, security, logistics and transportation industries, and we are involved in many unicorn and government projects.
Our mission: Make our customers' decision-making process more optimized and efficient through the UAV solutions we provide.
We enjoy using our professional drone services to challenge all of our customers' problems, whether complex or difficult until our customers solve them or make them simpler and more efficient.
Our products and services are the result of our high development and integration competence, our innovative solution approaches as well as our unique development depth.

Sperm Whale 420 VTOL $18600.00 set

PilotWhale PRO VTOL UAV $7899.00 / set

G50 Heavy Load VTOL $29599.00 / SET

M-Eagle A3 Mapping VTOL $3699.00 set

Humpback Whale 360 VTOL $7899.00 set


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