CAN PDB multifunctional Autopilot baseboard

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Product Profile

CAN PDB is a new integrated flight controller board, which combines the function of the flight controller board with the power module. When combined with CORE, it can provide autopilot function for multiple types of equipment such as Copter/Plane/Helicopter/VTOL/unmanned vehicle/Rover, and provide 10 channels redundant main power supply and 88 W 5/12V power output at the same time.

Both circuit design and hardware workmanship materials, CAN PDB are outstanding. Up to 952CM dissipating copper sheet and self-developed TTI algorithm. which can provide up to 180 A of continuous operating current for any device, and at the same time provide 0.1 A current ,0.05 V voltage precision measurement comparable to precision instruments.
CAN PDB multifunctional Autopilot baseboard  

Main Product Functions

  1. Support 15~62 V voltage input
  2. Continuous current :180 A
  3. Precise measurement of voltage and current ,0.1 A ,0.05 V.
  4. 13 servo channel outputs
  5. Dual voltage output interface: can provide up to 88 W 5/12V power output for peripherals
  6. Built-in up to 952CM heat dissipation copper sheet, effectively reduce the heating caused by internal resistance of high current circuit
  7. Power supply indication LED, visual indication Lipo voltage status
  8. Ultra-low voltage drop 10 main power output
  9. Future upgrades support more features such as high-precision power consumption statistics and instantaneous power push
CAN PDB multifunctional Autopilot baseboard  

Excellent heat dissipation

CAN PDB is equipped with a pure copper sheet of up to 95 square centimeters, which lowers the internal resistance when cooling.

88W UBEC regulated output

Generally, the UBEC of the power distribution board only has a regulated output of 1-2A, but CAN PDB does not stop there. Thanks to the LT8645S and TPS54561 chips, CAN PDB directly provides up to 5V8A and 12V4A regulated output
CAN PDB multifunctional Autopilot baseboard  

CAN PDB multifunctional Autopilot baseboard  

Higher voltage, higher power

CAN PDB perfectly supports 15-62V ultra-high voltage input, 180A continuous current and peak power up to 11KW
Hardware parameters
ProcessorsSTM32F412 100Mhz 512K Flash 256K RAM
Input voltage15-62V(4-15S Lipo)
Accurate measurement of current range0-110A
Maximum current range0-180A
5V voltage regulator outputMaximum 8 A, stable 6 A
12V voltage regulator outputMaximum 4 A, stable 3.5 A
Number of servo channels13
Remote Control Receiver Signal SupportRC_IN: PPM
DSM_SBUS_RSSI:DSM/SBUS/PWM/3.3v analog voltage
CORE supportV5+ CORE and X7 CORE
Support modelSupport APM and PX4 firmware and support fixed-wing/3-8 rotor/helicopter/ VTOL vertical take-off and landing/unman vehicle/unmanship etc.
Fixed apertureV5+CORE fixed aperture M2.5, M3 remaining
Working temperature-20~+100oC
Interface type1.USB TYPE C *1
2.GH2.5 5V8A *1
3.GH2.5 12V4A *1
4.GH2.5 ADC *1
6.GH2.5 I2 C *3
7.GH2.5 RC_IN*1
8.GH2.5 CAN*2
9.GH2.5 TELEM*2
10.GH2.5 GPS1*1
11.GH2.5 DSU1*1
12.CORE IO*1
Product appenrence
Product size12cm×10cm×1.2cm
Weight214 g( cable include)
Cable length30 cm( terminal free)
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