M-Eagle A3 Mapping VTOL Drone

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DSTECHUAS M-Eagle  A3 is the world's most cost-effective industrial-grade surveying and mapping VTOL drone. It has an efficient aerodynamic structure and can reach an effective flight time of 1.5 hours with a load of 500 grams. At the same time, it has a fast assembly design, from deployment to take-off preparation can be completed by one person in less than five minutes. A3 uses DSTECHUAS dedicated flight control to ensure flight stability and long service life.

1* CUAV V5+\Cube Orange Flight Contrallor 

4* 5010 kv 400 VTOL Motor

4* 40A ESC 

1* 4120 kv 350 Fixed Wing Motor

1* 80A Fixed Wing ESC

1* Rediomaster TX12 Remote

1* P900 Datalink

M-Eagle A3 Mapping VTOL Drone  

M-Eagle A3 Mapping VTOL Drone  

M-Eagle A3 Mapping VTOL Drone  M-Eagle A3 Mapping VTOL Drone  

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